4D Gel Starter Kit

The Starter Kit includes: 4D Keratin Bond, 4D Base Coat, 4D Top Coat, 2 tubes of 4D gel, 4D Sculpting Solution, Gel Brush, Tube Squeezer & 4D Gel Clear Nail Forms.

Simply squeeze the desired amount of product from the tube, place onto the nail with the Gel II tool, shape and sculpt using the brush and 4D Sculpting Solution. 4D Gel will not harden until it’s cured, is not self-leveling, and stays in place until the Sculpting Solution is applied; allowing you to work at your own pace.



Gel II 4D- KeratinBond-SDS

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Gel II 4D-Base Coat -SDS

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Gel II 4D Gel- SDS

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SDS-Gel II Sculpting Nail Liquid

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Gel II 4D-Top Coat -SDS

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