Skyscraper Builder Gel White

Skyscraper Building Gel is a soak-off, self-leveling, soft building gel that is LED/UV cured.

The unique leveling properties of SKYSCRAPER BUILDING GEL make creating enhancements easy.

Natural looking, thin GEL enhancement are a perfectly soft and durable solution for clients with hard, brittle nails.


Bottle Size: 25ml



Apply thin layer to prepped nails, on a form or tip, cure 60 seconds in LED lamp.

Cleanse tacky layer, shape as desired, finish with topcoat of your choice.

For removal: Use 180 grit file to debulk the product by 50%.  Then soak in Gel II Gentle Soak for 10 to 15 minutes.


SDS-Skyscraper- Building Gel

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